SIW Technician's Version

SIW Technician's Version 2010

Obtain detailed information about your computer


  • No frills interface
  • In depth information
  • Portable version available


  • No explanation of reports


SIW stands for System Information for Windows, which perfectly describes what this app does. When running, you can get a report on almost any aspect of a computer you want.

The interface is organized simply, although a lot of information is held in it. On the left is a long list of types of report SIW can make, and it really is exhaustive. From detailed Operating System information, to accessibilty, installed apps and passwords - all the software aspects of your PC are covered.

Hardware and network reports are are also available, starting with a system summary, plus more in depth specific reports on everything that makes up your PC, and its connections.

SIW is a very technical application. Some of the information will be meaningless to non-tech savvy people, and the app offers no help with this. Technicians may find the wealth of information SIW offers useful to have at hand, and the availability of a portable version means it can be carried around as part of a USB toolkit.

SIW will open up your PCs secrets, but you'll need advanced technical knowledge to understand all of it!

SIW Technician's Version


SIW Technician's Version 2010

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